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The 'back 40' at Oakhill FarmFor those not in the know, Farm Town is a virtual game on Facebook, the social network site. I have had moments of serious addiction with this game but never in my wildest imaginings did I think we would really buy a farm yet that is what we have done. It is a God ‘thing.’

Here is the story, so far. Ian likes to troll through Latvian websites particularly looking at agricutural equipment and for fun even farms. In fact he recently bought a baler that he has loaned the Christian camp where he helped with the sheep. So there is Ian looking through the adverts and out jumps 2 properties (farms) at ridiculous prices. A few days later we decide to take a drive in the country and see if we can find these 2 properties offered by the same person and they are close to one another. We finally find them both, we think, but its time to eat and so we drive a ways down the hiway and find a very pleasant looking place on a river and have lunch. Remember we still have no Latvian language skills but after lunch in the nice surroundings we decide to try to phone the person selling these two properties. At this point in the story I need to say we each remember the sequence differently.

A Latvian speaker answers but says in English someone will call you back. So we head back to the first property and waited a while. It seemed like no one was going to call so we headed off down the road for a long drive to visit some friends. We hadn’t gone very far when the phone went and a young man asked what we had called about and we said the property for sale. We explained we had been there , we thought. He said go back up the road looking for a yellow house with a green roof and ask for Kaspars. We saw one house with a yellow ground floor and green upper story but not green roof. We stopped and ask a neighbour near  what we thought was the first property, who spoke no English but showing her a computer map of the property location she indicated that we were on the right road. Across the field was a yellow house, I pointed and asked “Kaspars” she shook her head ‘no’ and spoke the family name.  Back in the car, the phone rings again and they ask have we found the yellow house with the green roof and we say no, they ask if we have an intrepter and we say yes tomorrow so we agree we will have our Latvian speaker call the next day. We return home wondering what it is all about. Remember we are just ‘researching.’

Next day we phone our friends who are visiting another town and we check to see if they are coming anywhere near these properties and they are. We tell our story so far and they agree to meet us at the nice resturant on the river. Simple right? HUH!!

We arrived at the apointed place and waited and waited and waited some more, long story short several phone calls later we finally met up and went in to eat. We were going to phone the people with the property after lunch and close to our finishing lunch they rang and we turned the phone over to our patient interpreter. The location was confirmed and off we went. Green and yellow house we had seen the previous day was the right place and we met the property owner’s son and walked across the road to the property they were selling. The green and yellow house belongs to an Aunt. The owner’s son, Kaspars was very helpful showing us around the property and speaking English as well as answering more detailed questions through our intrepreter. It was NOT the property we thought we had come to see and there was no second property. Later we were to learn that Kaspars younger brother had put two fake properties on the web resulting in much anger from Kaspars and his mother. But God used it for good to bring us to “Kalnozoli 1” Oakhill Farm.Oakhill Farmhouse

Here is our little timber farmhouse. You see roofing felt on the walls used as insulation. One of our first jobs is to remove this and inspect the timber validity. Anyone up for a bit of strimming? As you can see Ian has already made a dent in the grass as a way in from the drive or rather track that is the current drive. Lovely apple trees all around, even plum, oak and birch. Some will need to come out as they are up against the house but Ian already has a plan and volunteers in place. You may be wondering how many rooms in our farm house what are the size and so forth. Dear ones, you are thinking like typical westerners, lol. Here is our kitchen.The kitchen does it need remodeling?

Great brick pizza oven, yes?  We plan to take it back to the walls and make totally open plan living area with bedroom in the loft. We may have 54 sq. meters on the main floor, and there really aren’t rooms as such except for the addition Inga’s (the ‘former’ owner) father started but never finished. I would hope we could some how incorporate this brick structure but that is a distance down the road at the moment. Ha ha ha. First job is to carry out all the junk that remains in the buildings. Yes we actually have a barn that includes a woodshed, cowshed and hay/impliment storage. Farmer Ian says it is useable with a little attention – – like doors that need re-attaching and such. There are many, what I call ‘puttering’ projects to do.Ian strimming down the side of the barn buildings You can

see Ian strimming down the side of the barn building looking ever so fashionable in his blue bib overalls. You can see stretched above him an actual electric line. Yes, there was electricity here but it needs to be brought into the property again. New poles and wires have been put in the area just two years ago but as the property was vacant Inga did not have the house connected. We will have it done soon as we plan to put a mobile home or as they say here, “English house” put on the property. We are considering the farm our Spring/Summer residence for now.

Now wouldn’t this be a great space for a real country hoe-down?Madam wondering, "where did I put that darned cow?"

It is twice as big as seen in the picture. Plenty of room for the fiddler and the dancers plus a table laden with farm fare. Ah, one can dream. . . . And yes one must look the part, love my straw hat. This building like all the others needs a good clear out, hard graft but a labour of love. We will be spending as much time as possible doing just that as soon as we have our “English house” in place. Of course depending on how long the weather holds before winter sets in. We are already seeing the trees starting to turn.

The mystery buildingThis little log building is a mystery building. The door is wedged and we haven’t been able to see inside. Even looking through the little window gave no clue. We are wondering if it was a sauna there is a pipe extending out the side. The leaning structure in the foreground awaits a push and then a rebuild for further storage. The roof of the little log building is shaved wood probably a dead or dying skill. Are you keeping track of the number of projects? Wait there is more.

The best for last. This is our CHAPEL! Such a story here and we hope to gather more details so it can be told properly.

This was built by Inga’s father during Soviet occupation. It originally sat closer to the road and at one point the Soviets threatened to burn it so Inga’s father moved it back closer to the house and took the steeple down. The picture on the left is an original photo of an unkown date showing the steeple.

On the day we first looked at the property Ian, our friend and intrepreter, Santa and Kaspars went off to look at more of the land behind the barn. Our friend Kalle and I chose to walk to the front of the property looking more closely at the outside of the house then proceeding to the front area to investigate the “little building.” I approached it first and then we both went to the door and finding it wedged peered in. Continued tomorrow.

Oakhill Chapel date unkown

The chapel at Oakhill Farm


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3 responses to “From Farm Town on Facebook to Oakhill Farm in Latvia

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  1. How can you leave us in suspense like this??? Looks like you have found something really special…

    • Yes we have Bee found something very special sorry to be such a tease, I can’t help it I’m just drawn that way. To quote a certain femme fatale.

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