Farm Town to Oakhill Farm Part 2   4 comments

Through the chapel door When we peered in this is what we saw. A plain altar and a cross that was leaning sidewise on the altar. At this point I jumped back from the chapel porch and shouted, “This is it!!!!!”  By this time Kaspars had joined us and was bemused at my radical reaction.

Earlier that day Ian and I had talked about the possibility of buying a farm and wanting to put on the land some distinctive mark to designate that the farm belonged to  God and here it was, already in place.  A chapel, a place of prayer, peace and quiet. A place to listen to God as well as talk to Him. I couldn’t wait to share it with Ian who was just coming to the front area of the property. I walked over to him, though I wanted to run, and calmly said, “Come and see this little building at the front.” He asked a few times, “What is it?” and each time I replied, “Come and see.” Looking in through the glass in the door he said one word, “chapel.” Together we said, “God’s mark.” I remarked, “SOLD!” As we all walked toward the road we conferred and agreed we wanted to declare our interest. A phone call was made by our interpreter to Kaspars mother who shared a large part of her life history but eventually an appointment was set within a few days to meet and confirm details. Inga, the owner, was overjoyed at our reaction to the chapel and our commitment to restore it.

We already see God at work through beginning a relationship with Inga and her son Kaspars. She already has plans to come and see us when she visits her aunt later this month. Inga told us on Friday that the people of the are are so thrilled that the chapel will be restored. Please pray with us for God’s provision to accomplish this asap. If you are interested in contributing please comment on the site and I will get back to you. You can also reach me at:

Our plans are to keep as much of the original chapel as possible and primarily restore rather than replace in honour of the man who loving built it and preserved it during Soviet times. I can’t wait to get back down to the farm and get the weeds out that are growing in the porch. We also purchased 2 large teracotta pots to go one on either side of the porch with bulbs to plant in them for a great Spring Resurrection show. Our current plan is to develop a lovely parkland around the chapel a long term plan that is.

Where we planning all along to buy a farm? NO, but God moved in such extrodinary ways that  the doors flew open and we followed Him through the portals. We think there are two themes: Redeem and Restore the Land and Build Relationships. The two are intertwined. Loving the land as we love the people of the land. Watch this space.


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4 responses to “Farm Town to Oakhill Farm Part 2

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  1. All I want to say is, “HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!”

    • Thanks Shilo you are such an encouragement.

    • hi,
      Patience, Faith and trust , and LOOK what you get, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      we are soooo pleased for you both,

      Roger and Val
      • Thank you so much Roger and Val. We hope you will come for a visit and see our blessing for yourselves.


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