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Saturday afternoon the doorbell rang, Ian opened the door and the 2 young men in the picture above we standing there. We knew them from our work at the Christian Camp and of course we invited them in and promptly put the kettle on, as you do. We chatted for a bit and then came an even bigger surprise they had come to volunteer for any DIY projects we had that they could do for us. WOW!!! The younger one, a lovely Latvian boy had suggested to our friend Marvin (from Oregon.) He wanted to do it as he knew, from having lunch with us one day, that we had many things that needed doing, saying Ian is always at the camp and we could help them by doing something in their house. The first thing that came to mind was painting the feature wall in our living room AND THEY DID!!! They moved the furniture away from the wall painted and cleaned up even moving things back in about a half an hour. We are so blessed and know it was a gift from God.


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  1. wonderful news,!!!! things do work out for us ,if we just trust , [and wait] XXXX

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