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Flowers grown in our garden

Flowers grown in our garden

Remember our call to Latvia? Go, wait, listen and encourage? What does that look like on a daily basis among the mundane things of life? This week Ian has been in the hay fields at the camp and surrounding farms being an encouragement as he oversees/helps with the baling and keeping an ancient baler running against her will, most days. I meanwhile have continued my role as domestic non-goddess.

As many of you know I had a very active ministry life before moving to Latvia and now my days centre around “what should I make for tea?” or “how can I carry that heavy bucket of compost waste down to the shed?” maybe, “wonder if I can hang the laundry out or will it rain?” perhaps, “Where can I store the deep fryer so it doesn’t clutter the worktop?” Oh, I could still preach a sermon on any of those topics but there is no opportunity. This leads me to the subject of today’s blog, ponderings. What is this season about for me in terms of “ministry?” A while back I mentioned that Ian pondered saying is this a time of rest or sabbatical a jubilee year? I took that on board, I thought. Yet some days ago I had a bit of a mini melt down.

It started when the state of our DIY lifestyle overwhelmed me. I got angry inside when a friend said in a very light manner, “remember this is the outdoor season that can all wait until winter giving  Ian something to do” or words to that effect. Friends here often say what you are living with is what we all went through, but why isn’t that the comfort it is meant to offer? The intensity of the overwhelm has dissipated to some extent but I work daily to seek God’s perspective and not add burdens to Ian’s already heavy load. The whole meltdown was a two pronged fork, the state of our “home” and why in the name of all that is glorious in heaven, was I here? So I ponder and learn about myself, my motives and what makes me tick under the banner of God’s perspective.

Recently, a friend expressed she felt she had failed me when I was sharing some of the hard things I had been going through. She is a lovely Christian, a woman of God, skilled in ministry and a heart for women. Many have been helped by her tenderness and care. For me though, the realization was not that she had failed me but that I am hard to befriend. I am a challenger, one who does not want solutions offered or a problem fixed but safety from one who listens and lets me process. I don’t sense I am any closer to why I am here in Latvia, I have no personal vision, goal or understanding. I am beginning to take hold of this waiting and listening that is happening as I putter through my domesticity, looking for little ways I can satisfy my nesting instincts to decorate and personalise this DIY project into a home. The picture above is one of my joys, flowers from our in-the-earth,  not-in-pots, garden. Prayers would be appreciated as I continue to ponder the “small” question of who am I and why am I here?

Freshly tiled part of kitchenHere is another interior project Ian was able to do before the haying really took hold. This is the left hand side of our kitchen with the area of the work tops tiled. We went to Riga with friends recently and found these tiles and the saying here in Latvia is when you see it get it, so we did. It is amazing that tiling this small area gives such a sense of satisfation and my heart lifts each time I walk into the kitchen and see these gleaming tiles. There is encouragement to take on a few small projects myself once I get a handle on some other issues of our living habits.

We are also starting to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of our labours in the garden. peas, potatoes and beans

Here is a view of one small part with peas, potatoes and beans taken a fortnight ago.

First peasThese are our first peas and I didn’t bother to cook but ate straight from the pod, mmmm my favourite way.

We have had several cuttings of spinach and more peas that we froze and even a few strawberries. Ahhh, the ‘good life.’

We still praise God every day for bringing us here and open our hearts to hear his voice saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”


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  1. Ahh, so I have found you, and see why I haven’t heard anything. Pondering, living, settling or trying to, eh? (as my mother-in-law used to say)
    I love your blog Kathleen, your writing crisp and real. Being the uncomputer type, it takes me awhile to even think of finding you here–hard for you to believe I know, but the truth for me nevertheless. I am learning. Know that I have been praying for you, and while I cannot appreciate fully the state of your existence — I can understand to some extent your wonderings.
    Say hi to Ian and my love to you love, Katy

  2. Katy thanks so much I always know you are praying we are connected. Thanks for your kind words about the blog. When inspired I love writing it when I am not so inspired I don’t write, ha ha ha. Will Skype soon. Love you, miss you, want to visit you soooo much.

  3. Your flowers were absolutly lovely and your writing touched my heart. What a whole different world that God has transplanted you too…I love that Lamentations 3 says that God mercies are new every morning – that each day He’s promised to give what we need for that day – or that maddening moment! 🙂 May God see your heart and your faithful spirit and shine the light of his countance down on you as you’re figuring out how to get established in this new place and may He give great peace to your soul.

  4. Thank you Becky for taking precious time to respond and comment to my blog. I hold fast to that passage in Lamentations 3 Great Is His Faithfulness. It feels almost daily like a valley experience yet I know He is walking with me and nothing separates us.


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