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Promise written in the sky

This lovely picture was taken one day last week, such a powerful message of God’s faithfulness. For those who follow this blog regularly you have noticed that no updates have been posted since last month. Some of you have even taken the trouble to inquire of our well-being. The answer is yes we are doing fine and for the most part healthy. We have passed through some stressful times with car paperwork delays and onslaughts from Ian’s daughter’s interference with Dad but God always holds the victory. We are indeed able to do all things through Christ who strengthens us, Philippians 4:13.

Here is what God did for our car:She is a Latvian honey now! The registration plate stands for PO, Praise Often.

It was quite a struggle to get her to this point. First we still had our temporary registration documents, having never received the permanent ones from the DVLA. You can’t use temp ones to register in another country so much palaver with the DVLA until finally we SKYPED them and then we learned we could download an Export document and once DVLA  returned it we would be away. We were led to believe that they would return it to us via fax but alas after waiting a week and another SKYPE we learned no we were still 3 weeks away from having the document returned via post. During all but one week of this whole situation the car sat unused as our lovely UK insurance rescinded our green card and so we had no insurance. But now we are on the road again and she is completely legal and insured. The last week we tightened our belts and paid for a green card at a horrible expense but it saved our sanity, lol.

Lovely May and luscious LilacsWe enjoyed many lovely days in May as the flowers really began to bloom. So many mornings we sat at breakfast and through our devotions with the sun streaming in the window.Proud Announcement 2 babies are hatched!

An update on the storks at the bottom of our garden: 2 babies were born to Mr. & Mrs. Stork.

Here is mama feeding the little ones. Sorry for the picture quality. Will post some clearer shots as we can get them. Feeding these hungry mouths is a full time job for both parents now. We hope to see their first flight attempts.

During May Ian really got stuck into our garden plot. The warmth helped it get going and now rainy June is giving plenty of wet nourishment. Ian has replaced a strimmer and chain saw that were given away when there seem to be no use for them. Now with a full tool compliement and his new rotativator he is set. Today when strimming our elderly neighbour asked with hand signs if he could strim around her garden. These opportunities to encourage are such a blessing as this is why we came. May seem a small thing but God’s kingdom is being seen through each encouraging moment. This past Sunday we saw some new lives confirmed in the kingdom through immersion baptism. 10 people from the sister church in Madona were baptised in the lake at the camp. It had been a cloudy windy day but at 3o’clock the sun broke through as the baptism started. This church began 5 years ago with 12 people what a blessing to see 10 baptised from that small beginning to being around 60 now.

What of the sheep you ask?After 40 years he can still do it!Here is your answer, shearing. No Ian did not do all of the 76 sheep that were sheared but the shearers handed him the clippers for 2 and away he went, back in his element. We had an amazing day last Thursday, 11 June, when this took place. If you have ever been with wet sheep in a barn for a day it is a scent (?) you will never forget. In England they don’t shear wet sheep, in Latvia when the subsidy deadline is days away you have no choice. This is Ian,  the wool he sheared and our friend and brother, Dimistrius or Diks to his friends. A big grin for a job well done at 71

We had a wonderful day and even I had the privilege of helping.

Never wanted to be a nurse but servants dont quibble they just do what is needed.This was a miracle I normally go weak in the knees at the sight of a syringe but God sustained me through the 2 hour shift I did of loading the syringe with worming medicine, yuk. Necessary to keep the sheep healthy so you just go ahead and do it and that ain’t earth I am standing in.  Here is Ian dealing with the bum end of the job. His answer when Diks asked if he wanted some gloves to do it, “Ah, no,” he said, “I am just getting myhands ready to eat my lunch. ” Sussex farm humour, lol. 007

To end on a lovlier note here is Ieva our friend and shepherdess Santa’s daugher, also a shepherdess in training. She was wonderful to watch as she walked among the ewes quieting them as they waited to be shorn. Such a picture of our Good Shepherd. We have known his love and care during these last tumultous days and we remain thankful every day that He brought us to Latvia.



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