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St George’s flag flying from the British Embassy building

The 23 April found us at the British Embassy for a reception celebrating St. George’s Day. All Brits in Latvia were invited if they had registered with the Home Office that they were living in Latvia. We went with our friends Joanna & Ian and met other friends, Roger and Valerie. This was our first embassy reception and it was pretty much what we had expected. The invitation said dress was smart casual but of course most of the men, being British, showed up in jackets and ties. I told both Ian’s trousers, shirt and jumper (sweater) would be appropriate but as an American, what do I know? Still, I think they were both comfortable and would dress the same on another similar occasion. I wore wool trousers and a blazer but definitely no tie, scarf but no tie. As we entered and proceeded upstairs we were greeted and offered our choice of drinks from a large tray arranged with white and red wine, juice and beer. We then entered the reception room where a few people had already congregated, probably Embassy staff. The room was moderate in size and emptied of furniture except for a grand piano being energetically played by a pony-tailed quaffed fellow. We immediately spied a further room containing buffet accoutrement’s. I had done some research so I recognized the ambassador, Mr. Moon when he arrived as he moved around the room welcoming people, including us. Later my Ian had a bit of a chat with him expressing his desire to see the sheep industry grow in Latvia. Mr. Moon remarked he had never met a shepherd before and may I add, one like Ian with such a passion for educating people in the care for and about sheep. We spoke with several people throughout the evening and then just before the food was offered the Ambassador spoke. At the end of his welcoming talk he introduced a special guest, Pastor Juris Calitis, the Rector of St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Riga. As he was introduced Ian and I turned to each other with a knowing look, meaning this is important. The Rector had come to appeal to the Brits gathered for funds as the church is struggling to pay for their basic needs of electric and other services. Shortly after he spoke Ian urged me to go and speak to him letting him know I was a licensed Reader. When I told him his eyes lit up and his face errupted in a large smile. He immediately ask for my contact details that I wrote down on the church information card he was carrying. He told us that the church has a home for abused children about 30 kilometres from Ergli. So how we are to be connected has yet to be seen. My prayer today as I thought back on the whole meeting was amazement and then leaving the connection and its timing in my Father’s hands, as always. His timing is perfect and I know this meeting was his design so I am trusting for him to orchestrate further contact.

So what is the sheep situation? Over 70 with just a few left to deliver. Most are all outside now frolicking in the sun. Though I went out Friday I failed to take any pictures, perhaps next week. Sunday Ian and I took a walk down our road toward the lake and took this picture.

Bright sunshine but still brownThe sunshine was warm and in the past few days things are greening up a bit but it still has the brown of winter. After our walk we returned to eat a pork roast dinner and take long naps. More about that later.

Yesterday, Monday 27 April, I went with my friends, Kim, Joanna and Mo to Madona to get our hair cut. A lady in the Madona Church where Kim & Bruce attend has a salon. Kim says she is one of the top hairdressers in Latvia. She was the stylist who cut my hair and as I watched her work I knew she was very good. I have very fine, thin hair and as she cut she shaped it very well. I went for a summer cut, much shorter and taking advantage of naturally curly hair a real scrunched look with smooth fringe (bangs.) Though Ian’s amused comment was, “You look like you were dragged through a hedgerow backwards” I like it and think it will work very well for the summer. Joanna’s hairdo was the best of the bunch in all our opinions. It really opened up her face and softened her look considerably. Of course the real test is: what can we do on our own with out a stylist to do it for us? We were all happy with our looks and then went out to a delicious lunch and more laughter. A lovely way to spend the day.

Now about ‘Done In.’ Saturday and Sunday we took as real rest days. On Friday Ian came home very tired from working with the sheep and the grasslands; he then proceeded to dig a compost trench in our garden plot and he was “done in.” He has been working very hard most days this past month with the sheep and advising on the grasslands and even running the tractor. He has been wanting to get out in the garden to continue preparing the soil after it was rotivated last week but even if he had the time the strength wasn’t there. When he finished digging he came in, near colapse and went to bed. So Saturday though he forked over the soil a bit I put my foot down and we took some currant loaves he had baked out to the camp just for a drive and a relax. ‘Course while we were there twins were born and though he watched over he let Santa do the job. Sunday continued our rest and he felt well enough yesterday to go out and do the follow up work on slaughtering some ram lambs at another friend’s farm.

Currently, we have a lamb carcas hanging in our store room downstairs to dry and age before being cut up. I resisted taking a picture for those who think their meat comes nicely packaged from the super market, or don’t want to know about the process. So it will be leg of lamb for Sunday dinner this week. Yum, yum. These were ram lambs from last year’s flock so no cutie little ones, recently photographed,  were harmed in the writing of this blog.

So how are we in general at this point in our rural life in Latvia, just great!!!!!!!! Tired at times but really enjoying our lifestyle. Relishing our relationships with Jesus and enjoying his creation all about us. Learning to hear his voice and eagerly awaiting each new day’s adventure, challenged by our aging bodies but not defeated. Today as of 9 am we had done devotions, breakfast, washing up, making the bed, me hair & makeup, Ian’s lunch and flask, a load of laundry hung out and another in the machine, checked the emails and waved Ian off to the camp. I think that is a record for this ol’ girl and with that thought I will leave you till next week.


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