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The twins penYesterday the 20th we were up to over 60 lambs. These are just a few of the little ‘uns. “The wolf and the lamb will feed together” Isaiah 65:25. No wolves in this picture but today a pen is being built outside for ewes and single lambs as they are running out of room in the shed and there are about 16 ewes still to lamb. The concern is that there is a fox who has been worrying the ewes waiting to lamb who are still in their pen outside. It is a hard choice as there is no room inside and if they are crowded any more in their pens lambs will get trodden on and die. So outside some must go and we pray for angel protection for the little lambs and shepherd alertness as well. We ask our Good Shepherd to give grace to the human shepherds and send this fox to another hunting ground. Just as our enemy seeks to devour so the fox as a natural predator seeks a lamb dinner. We must be ever vigilant and stay close to our Good Shepherd, listening for his voice and obeying his loving commands.

Come on little one this is for your own goodI never cease to be amazed at the gentleness of my shepherd husband, Ian. What a powerful, tender picture of the Lord’s care for us, his sheep. I often watch as Ian casts a caring expert eye over the sheep looking for any needing special attention. “He tends his flock like a shepherd: he gathers his lambs in his arms, and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” Isaiah 40:11 I now have the privilege of seeing these verses in very real situations and how they live in my heart in a new and fresh way. Ian too is relishing a new understanding of his work as a shepherd and how akin it is to the way the Lord cares for him and all the ‘sheep of His pasture.’

Last week I also gained another perspective of a shepherd laying down his life for the sheep. A shepherd on the run at 71!Here is Ian, a shepherd on the run at 71! He was helping to round up rams so that one could be sold. I, looking on, was concerned that he had indeed forgotten himself  and the reality of his age. His said later that as a shepherd you don’t stop and consider you just take whatever action is needed at the time. Laying down your life for the sheep. Ian proves almost every day that he is in very good shape for his age and for any age, really.

You may be wondering if our lives consist only of sheep and shepherding and for the most part that is true. All work in the flat has been suspended during this intense time of lambing.  Although on Saturday our garden allotment was rotivated.

Ian supervising the tractor and checking out the dirt's properties.What a gift to have the boys from the camp bring the tractor over and do up our garden plot. It provided an event of interest for the whole ‘house’ as the neighbours gathered to watch. They were probably wondering how that Englishman has such contacts that he got a tractor in to do his plot? Hopefully they are rejoicing to see that a plot that has been unused for so long now has a renewed life again.

Runner beansHere is the start of our garden resting warmly on our living room window sill. They are growing far too fast as we can’t plant them out until next month but you just can’t hold a committed gardner/shepherd back. Now lest you think I am only a domestic goddess (ha, ha, ha) here is my contribution to the agrarian lifestyle. My tray of sweet peas, not yet sprouted only just plantedThis is my just-planted tray of sweet peas soaking up sun on the kitchen window sill. I can almost smell their scent when I plant them to grow up onto our little terrace/balcony. I hope to border our vegetables with other flowers and I am told this will make our Latvian neighbours very happy as they love flowers and vegetables, equally.

So is all happy in our little rural homestead? Almost, we still have the ongoing problem of Ian’s daughter Chriss troubling Dad and trying to discredit us as having abandoned him. Her latest tactic was to put a message on my Facebook page to this effect. We are holding fast to the Lord and living in the silence toward her, that He has commanded.

Also our flat sale has not completed and there maybe blocks on that as well. We see all of this as an attempt to distract us from God’s placing us here in Latvia. We choose to believe that “no weapon formed against you will prosper.” Isaiah 54:7 We did not imagine that this move would be pain free and indeed it has not been but oh the mercies of God are indeed new every morning. His faithfulness sustains us in the face of all attempts to cloud his presence in our lives here in Latvia. We are so thankful for the many who are praying for these troubling situations and friends who visit Dad and continue to encourage him and pray for him in his 97th year as he prepares to go home to rest with his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

0022“But you are a shield around me, O Lord, my glorious One, who lifts up my  head.” Psalm 3:3

This is a picture of the sun rising on a recent glorious morning over the trees as seen from our kitchen window. These are the messages God delivers most every day to us as we enjoy his creation.

Snowdrops in AprilEven the little signs of His presence like these little snow drops who popped up just as soon as the snow departed. He does all things well. These we discovered near our balcony as we saw with sadness the rose we planted last September didn’t make it but our tulips are coming up so we win some and we loose some. Over all we put our trust in the One who has won the victory over death and darkness.


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