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Spring in ErgliThis is Spring in Ergli! We are loving it but since this was taken the thaw has started so we look forward to a bit more warmth out doors. If you are a follower of this blog you will have perhaps noticed that nothing has been posted for some time. Well, let me explain. On 5 March we watched our belongings packed into a moving van, jumped into our car and followed that van on a long and arduous journey to Latvia. We hurried across the channel through France spending a few hours sleeping in Belgium on to the Netherlands, Germany across POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDD, Lithuania and finally Latvia where we lost the moving van as we rushed toward HOME!! Arriving in Ergli, Ian and our friend Bruce went hunting for the van and Bruce found it. Then Ian was missing and after a 22 hour mararthon drive we worried for his safety, so Bruce went out again looking for Ian. After what seemed forever Ian turned up and Bruce was called to come back. Kim and Bruce had lined up a crew to help unload and this was done in one hour though it took 4 hours to load in Hastings. After the big UNLOAD we went to our friend’s Ian & Joanna’s flat to crash. They were in Cyprus enjoying some warm weather and left the keys for us to use their place while we made some order in ours. On the Sunday we surfaced about 11 am and went gently into our day ending it in the church service that evening. There we caught up with other Ergli friends.

Now three weeks later we are in our flat still doing DIY and sorting living spaces and boxes. Boxes are slowly being opened and emptied. As I write Ian is putting the finishing touches on the plumbing for our shower, oh joy, our own shower after 3 weeks. We have bathed in the meantime but mostly at the kitchen sink. Saturday was a big day as the washing machine went into place in our shower/utility room. Yes the doorway is a little rough around the edges but so is our whole flat. We rejoice over every job done no matter how small. Soon I will post pictures of our beautiful kitchen that has become our living space. It is the warmest room in the house with our wood stove heating wonderfully. We are so happy here and though there is much left to do we are feeling settled and glad we made the move, despite painful family problems in England but God is working on our behalf and we leave it all with Him.it-is-party-time-the-fridge-is-in-place-along-with-the-washing-machine

We know we are where He wants us and we also know the enemy doesn’t like it and is using family members who have sworn allegience to our enemy. But we remember that our enemy is not flesh and blood but powers in high places and Jesus has already won the victory and no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

I couldn’t wait to share the pictures of kitchen so took these a moment ago. kitchen-sink-and-dish-cupboardAs you can see the cupboards are lovely but the walls remain unfinished. This is our next project with tiles above the sink and walls prepared and painted. When Ian finishes the bathroom and is no longer using my work counter for a tool bench I will take a picture of the other wall in the kitchen. wood-stove

This is our wonderful wood stove cheerily burning away the boiler at the back sends hot water flowing through the radiators in the rest of the flat. My desk chair is snuggled up near the radiator in our office — no pictures yet too messsy in this room.


So this is us loving Latvia and enjoying our quiet life waiting for lambing season to start any day now and then watch out. Life will jump up several gears for certain. Ian recently carved into his shepherd’s crook, “THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD.” We realize this more each day as we listen for his voice in the quietness here in Ergli, land of soaring eagles.


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  1. The cupboards DO look lovely! So beautiful! And the stove looks great, too! So nice that it can heat the house…I love the smell of woodsmoke in the winters…reminds me of the family farm back home in OK. 🙂 So glad you’re connected again!

    • Thanks we do so love our unfinished kitchen everyone gathers there when they visit, also there is no other room to go to, hehehe.

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. I love the cabinets! So pretty! I just can’t wait to see how it will all come together!

  4. Thanks Shilo. Now that the shower/utility room is well in hand we will start finishing work in the kitchen, though slowly with lambing season starting.

    Kathleen Langridge
  5. Thanks Kathleen for keeping us posted in this way. I haven’t quite mastered the blog activity but do spend time on Facebook and write there. Your ability to write and paint a picture for us as well as posting actual photos is wonderful. I am so glad our generation has lived to enjoy and experience this wonderful technology. Truly the world has grown smaller and though we can’t be face to face, this does keep us connected wonderfully. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the finished product, your flat looks enchanting.

  6. So good to hear from you Elizabeth. I love it when people visit the blog AND leave a comment. Your choice of descriptive word “enchanting” floats my boat! It is enchanting to live here as we experience God’s presence daily. Gaining some ability with language would increase our enjoyment but all in good time.

  7. Wow. Almost like camping but your kitchen is so much prettier. You two should have fun pulling this cozy cottage together. Are you serious about the sheep? That sounds wonderful! Enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

  8. Thanks Joni, we are enjoying it so much we never want to go anywhere else at the moment. We are loving having friends drop in throughout our days it is the way I have always wanted to live.


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