Flowers and Farewells   3 comments

goodbye-roses-from-williamgoodbye-flowers-from-st-leonards2Sunday the 22nd of February was our last service at St. Leonards Parish Church. I had the privilege of praying the intercessions and serving the cup at communion.

Before the service started I was thrilled to greet 2 of my colleagues from Reader Training who came to say good bye. William and Christo took time out of their own busy schedules to be with us at this momentous time. Willaim brought the lovely red roses seen in the first picture above. Today a week later they are still fresh and lovely. The yellow flowers immediately above were 3 big bunches from the church. They are gracing our mantel piece also fresh and lovely. I do so love cut flowers and these two bouquets were extravagant kindness in deed.

At the end of the service our Vicar, Mike asked us to come up and invited others to join us and pray for us, it was a very moving time. After the service an International meal cooked by several in the church was shared and enjoyed. During this time we said our good byes to as many as possible. It was a large dose of reality, we really are going to Latvia. A new season begins.

On Thursday, my birthday, we took the train to London to visit a left hand drive car dealer, hoping to find a 4 x 4 to drive to Latvia. The previous Monday we had attempted to drive there but Ian had a bad spell and we had to turn around and go home. All of that was part of God’s plan, we see now. When we arrived at the dealer, after a hefty trek,  sitting in the open door of the garage/showroom was a 2004 diesel Land Rover, Freelander. It had JUST arrived from a full service. There were a few other cars we had come to see that had been on the website so we wandered on into the building as the owner encouraged us to have a look around. We looked at all the others but were drawn back to the one sitting in the doorway.  land-rover-freelander-0012

We had prayed that morning that we would both know if there was a car for us at this dealer’s.  The dealer, Tass, originally from Greece (albeit, 40 years ago)was helpful and informative without being at all pushy. While we had been looking at the others he had printed out the information/sales sheet on this one. We knew it was within the limit we had to spend, hoping to exchange our little Peugeot. Tass opened up the car and we got into a beautiful chammy coloured leather/suede interior with all the bells and whistles. While Tass went to answer the phone we both agreed it seemed like the one for us. Tass then took us out for a test drive as Ian wasn’t certain about driving in London. When we arrived back Ian took the wheel in the courtyard and tried maneuvering the car. It handled very smoothly and while Tass left us to talk to each other we prayed together for confirmation from our Father and depending on the dealership taking our car in trade we went in to make the purchase. As you can see from the above picture we struck the deal. It may sound like an ordinary event but we can assure you it was a God move all the way.

land-rover-freelander-002The previous week we had travelled to Hampshire to another left hand drive dealer to look at Jeeps. The whole experience was horrible. The vehicle we went to see had obvious signs of being in a flood. When the salesman tried to start it, it wouldn’t even turn over. He then took us around the lot to show us other Jeep models but didn’t have the keys for any of them and most of them were as Ian said, poorly shod.  We were made to feel like the poor relation and not valid buyers. Now that sounds all horrible and at the time it was but God  . . . .  we had prayed that morning for discernment and if we were not to buy we would know it. Well we knew it and though disappointed at the time felt God was a very present help. You see it is all about timing and this all had to happen so that our choice could  be available to us at just the right time.

We had first contacted Tass at Transeuropean Carriage Co. a few weeks before but because it was in the middle of London we thought we would try the place in Hampshire. Also, earlier Tasss had no Freelanders that have the smaller engine and also no diesels in our price range, again God’s timing. By the time we decided to go he did have other Freelanders but in silver, my least favourite car colour. I had told Ian that if we had to have a silver one I would put esthetics aside to get the car God had for us.  How gracious that we have a green one, an unusual shade of colour for the Land Rover. Going to a very cold clime he also arranged for us to have a heated windscreen and heated front seats. Ian has driven it the last two days and is doing fine even with the left hand drive difference. You see on top of it all, the car was delivered to us for free and our car picked up in return. We then had the privilege of meeting George, Tass’ partner who drove the car down to us. So we are praising our Gracious God for such an amazing provision.

Today, Sunday, our mover Stephen came down from Bath to cast a professional eye over our ‘stuff’ to make certain the van he planned to use would be the right size. He determined that all was well and we load up about noon on Thursday, 5 March. We will probably take 3 days and 2 overnights to get there but the good thing is Stephen knows the way as he moved our friends Val and Roger last year to Stelpe, Latvia. That is about an hour from Ergli, our village.

 Our friends Ian and Joanna are having a bit of holiday and a bit of consultancy in Cyprus until 17 March so we will be able to stay at their flat while we get our selves a bit sorted  out. What a blessing. Also our friends Kim & Bruce will have our flat warmed up with a good fire going for the actual moving in process when we arrive. We only need phone them when we get into Latvia. More blessings from God.

So in these final days we are packing  like mad and flat packing as much furniture as we can with one hitch, we have misplaced Ian’s handy little battery screwdriver and that has really slowed him down. Hoping it turns up tomorrow. Next blog will be from Latvia but I am not certain when. So we leave the seaside for the rural life all set with God’s choice of car for us, complete with a rear mounted full size spare one of my requirements for style and practicality, and Christo, if you read this our lovely little car came from Cornwall, isn’t that just so special?



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  1. Well done! It looks like a good relyable car. Hope it doesn’t get too damaged on those Latvian roads. All the best and God bless and keep you. Hope to see you sometime on your travels. Love, Miriam & Garry

  2. Dear Kathleen and Ian

    Hope all is going well for you both

    Please remind me again of your e-mail address as I only seem to have your BT one .

    Looking forward to your news. God bless
    Love from Mike and Pat

    Mike and Pat

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