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Valentines from my Valentine, Ian

Valentines from my Valentine, Ian

We are now entering the days of ‘last things. On Sunday the 8th of February I preached for the last time at St. Ethelburga Parish Church and today the 15th was my last time to preach at St. Leonard Parish Church in St. Leonards East Sussex, England. Though we are excited to go to Latvia it is still a wrenching experience these final events. Since our marriage in 2006 we have lived and ministered with these dear people, sharing their ups and downs as they have shared in ours.
I have had the amazing privilege of speaking God’s word to them both in teaching and preaching. Today was a day touched by the Holy Spirit. The sermon preparation, I began on Friday and God was leading powerfully, I was in full flow of catching everything He was saying and then the Word programme froze and everything stopped. I spent hours trying everything I could think of to reboot the system but nothing worked. At midnight I gave up after much prayer and went to bed. The next day I approched the process again and still nothing would work but as I was preparing to use my new laptop for the preparation Ian suddenly had a breakthrough and Word was working again. Sitting down late Saturday after noon to continue the preparation I wondered if the flow of the Spirit would resume, He did.
This morning He flowed again throw His message and in the follow up our Vicar, Mike was led to present. The result was almost the entire church rose to repent from complaining and arguing comitting ourselves to walk in discipline with each other to stop the sins of arguing and complaining.
By-the-way when we arrived in church this morning the heating had gone off in the sanctuary and we were crammed into the Oak Room our place set aside for fellowship times. This set the tone of the morning and we worshipped as a family not just a gathering of individuals. Every song sung, every prayer offered, every bit of liturgy spoken flowed, even the prolonged announcements regarding parish business flowed out like living water.

The morning was a powerful loving gift as an ending to my ministry there. Next Sunday is our final Sunday with them so more lasts to experience. The lovely thing about the morning was that our Vicar said, “This is her last time to preach – for awhile.” So after all the hard sermons and challenges God has spoken to me and through me to them, I have an invitation to return. This was part of the gift this morning as were all the loving affirmations I received after the service.
This week holds more challenges as we go to a dealer in Hampshire to hopefully purchase a left-hand drive Jeep for our life in Latvia. We have one picked out and it seems a good option and our bank came through with the funds so we are moving into our last days with our little sweet Peugeot. She has been a lovely little car for three years and will be missed, especially her lovely sun roof. I just realized I never named her but she has been a real sweetheart.
On Thursday our flat goes to auction for the final time and after dropping the price £10k and showing it 8 times with 2 people commited to attending the auction, we believe it will sell. Otherwise we turn it over to the kids as say “bye bye.”

The followng week will be another last, my last birthday in England. I arrived 12 years ago at the tender age of 52 and now I leave having entered another decade, the decade of my sixties. It has been a good 12 years in England, times of tragedy and triumph, times of sorrow and joy and times of growth through it all. England will always hold a special place in my heart as well as her people.
So in this time of last things my hope and prayer is that we will leave well totally in touch with our emotions and wholly prepared for what God has for us in Latvia.


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  1. So bittersweet, isn’t it?! Praying for you!

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