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ian-wrapping-desk-shelve-parts-for-movingNo, this is no dire prophecy but a welcome relief. My days as a Latvian widow, so-to-speak, are ending on Tuesday when Ian returns from working industriously on our flat in Ergli. We have spoken most every day and also sent many texts but we have both felt the emptiness of not being together, sharing life 24/7 as we have done these almost three years of marriage.

Is everything done in our Latvian flat? No, but we are looking forward to working together  on the remaining  projects. Today a visiting  prophet spoke in our Sunday Service and challenged us to take a risk in our faith at the same time  saying that with our Lord as the focus of  our  faith, there was no risk. Not that  things wouldn’t go ‘wrong’, not that  there wouldn’t be disappointment but that always underneath and at the core  was a Saviour who would walk with us.

We now face a big physical push to get  everything ready for the move plus trying to pin down a way to secure the vehicle we need for  our  life in Latvia. There have already been moments of  overwhelm and I predict more  will be experienced  in the active days ahead. But  God . . . . He will be there to walk with  us, giving  us His perspective  if  we will only stop and listen.  Four Big Things and many small ones are on our list to be sorted: 1) Flat sold  2) Totaling Packed  3) Vehicle sorted  4) unspoken.  I have put these in God’s in-basket and when I am  walking  in  faith  I leave them  there and the reverse is also true.  It is in times like these all those sermons and teaching sessions come back to  ‘instruct’ me. I may have forgotten what I said all those times but the Holy Spirit  does an excellent job of  remembering and reminding. Where he was the inspiration   the encouraging, challenging truth returns.

At this point the end in sight is Ian’s return and the next end in sight is the move to Latvia. There will be other ends in sight in the days and years to come. Some will truly be the light at the end of the tunnel other times it will be an oncoming train but nothing will change the faithfulness of  the One who walks the path with us.

“This , the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana of Galilee. He thus revealed his glory, and his diesciples put  their faith in him.” 

John 2:11


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