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At this point I wish I had the pictures that Ian has taken in our flat in Ergli, Latvia. He and Ian S. have been working faithfully in the kitchen and bath/utility room. They have taken out one door and bricked up the space, moved the water tank from the kitchen to the bathroom and the overflow tank as well. Next they tackled the wood stove replacing it with a lovely new one. This meant removing all the old stove pipes and sweeping the flue and replacing with new stove pipes, not to mention setting up the water boiler on the back of the stove which feeds the hot water tank. The work on the wood stove is just about finished and in a few days they can fire it up. This will be great as Ian has been trying to keep warm with one oil filled heater while the snow flies.

While I live in the lap of luxary with our new electric suite. Pity the photo is so poor so you can ‘t see the realisitic looking fake log fire. It warms the room nicely. It also gives me a pleasant  physical point of view amidst all the boxes. The watercolour print above the mantel is a lovely vase filled with sunflowers, much cheerier than Van Gough’s, sorry classists.


Since we have only had this level of snow, it is no wonder this fire does it for me. You have to look close to see the light dusting.



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