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Mr Darcy in disguise

Here he is, his nibs settling into his new home. He is occupying the back of the chair his predecessor claimed as his own, hence the scratched area. We have been exchanging emails with him and he is doing fine. He is being fed fresh fish every morning, that he has yet to acquire a taste for but it won’t be long and he’ll adjust to his new royal surroundings.

He is also adjusting to his housemates even the other furry one. He says he still greets Milo kitty with swearing but hopefully that will decrease as he finds his place in the household. Basically he will rule as Milo is very submissive. He has gladened the hearts of his new Mum and Dad by sitting near them on the couch, purring and talking to them.

It has only been one complete day and partial morning since he left but this afternoon Ian leaves for 3 weeks in Latvia and I will be really  alone for the first time since we married in 2006. Though I have plenty to keep me busy there will be those odd moments when I will miss my guys. Especially the big one. Also the purring comfort of the furry one.

Mr Darcy snuggled on His old throw Here he is on his old throw in his new home. It is always good to have a touch of the familiar when we go to new places. When everyone went upstairs to bed he snuggled in the lounge and had command of the whole of the downstairs. So his nibs has begun in the manner he intends to go on.

We thank God everyday for his blessing of such a wonderul new home for our beloved Mr Darcy. Twice I have had to resettle a cat upon leaving for a foreign shore and each time my heavenly Father has provided the best possible home for the kitties in question. In my theology He not only notices a sparrow falling but a cat settling. This speaks of His greatness beyond all measure. So as I have those moments of missing Ian and Mr Darcy my Lord will be there and I will know it if I turn to Him for comfort and perspective.

An update on Mr. Darcy. Here he is making a liar out of me sitting on the lap of his new Daddy. I have always told eveyone he is not a lap cat and there he sits. But as you can see he is making their home his own.



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