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Today in Hastings it snowed. Now the rain has come and most of the snow has gone. The temperature has risen to 0 C with more snow forcasted. This morning we took Mr Darcy to the vet for dental treatment and she has requested that we come in at 2:30 to talk to her about him. Hopefully, it isn’t anything serious.

He is scheduled to go to his new home this evening and that is our sadness at the same time as being joyful he is going to such a good home. The timing of his going is especially difficult as Ian goes to Latvia for 3 weeks on Wednesday and I will be really alone. We need to take Mr Darcy to his new home at this time as they have recently had to put one of their cats down on Christmas Day and their remaining cat, Milo is pining for Jasper. If we leave it too long they might not bond at all. So more changes and opportunities to trust our Lord as we process through this time. I hope this is our last move and that things will begin to flow more smoothly as we near the actual physical move.

This recent cold snap is a small taste of what Ian has to look forward to on Wednesday evening when he lands in Latvia at around 20 below. He bought a new furry hat on Saturday with flaps to keep his ears warm and he tried it out today and said it was well warm. Hopefully, all his warm things we ordered will arrive in time. Come on the Royal Post!


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