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In a matter of hours 2008 becomes 2009. We will be leaving behind more than just old calendars as we embrace this new year. At the tender ages of 70 and 63 we continue to prepare for the Big Move to Latvia in March. Leaving friends and family including our cat, Mr Darcy. The emotional process remains distant but lurks on the horizon and is sometimes one of joy and at the same time sadness. The first big item we face is a temporary separation as Ian goes to Latvia to work on our flat with our friend Ian Storie who with his wife Joanna have purchased the flat for us. Perhaps even at the same time our beloved pet, Mr. Darcy will be going to a new home. Our friends Brenda and Terry have offered to try him in their home with their recently bereaved cat, Milo.  They have recently, Christmas Day, lost their dear Jasper, the cat. So we will take Mr Darcy for a visit to see how it goes.

UPDATE: Mr. Darcy’s visit to Brenda and Terry’s went well and while the cats didn’t exactly connect they weren’t bothered with one another. They loved Mr Darcy and are looking forward to welcoming him into their home on Monday evening. So another prayer is answered, Mr Darcy has a wonderful new home with an extensive garden he will love exploring after he has settled in.

The other process we are entering is exchanging our car. Not only another car to buy but a 4 x 4 left hand drive. Questions like: do we buy it in the UK, Germany or Latvia?  So many issues to consider. Buying in the UK means a 2,000 mile drive to Latvia but allows us to take things with us for use before our things arrive in the removal lorry. Buying in Latvia isn’t really an option as used cars often have the odometers turned back and actual mileage isn’t known as well as having their undersides pulvarized from the unimproved roads.  Germany is a good option as the best used cars in Latvia come from there but again logistics. So there will be old (our Peugeot) for new, to us, in the car situation but when and how, we have to wait and see while continuing research.

We are looking forward to changing our town environment for a rural eenvironment. Fresher air, lovely walks, friends near by, a new culture to embrace and a new routine to establish.


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