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Our flat in Hastings did not sell today in auction. The auctioneer seems to think hope remains as they send out the results of the auction to interested parties. We will keep it on the market until March when we will move to Latvia. The picture above is the view from our Latvian flat, how inspiring. We, and many friends prayed for the sale at auction but we also prayed his will be done. So this is his will and we continue on his road to Latvia.

As we have talked this evening we are in a good place, a place of strength and faith. Our attitudes are ones of trust in our Saviour who holds all the answers and is doing his work in his time and in his way. We still believe he is the God of the impossible and are excited to see what and how he will continue to send us to Latvia.

When we look at pictures like these we anticipate with great joy looking out on scenes like this and actually going out to walk in the snow enjoying it up close and personal. Or sitting in front of the fire reading or watching a DVD with popcorn of course4-snowy-view-from-flat. Between that scene and the reality of packing up, moving and unpacking are days of REALITY, hard tiring days. The anticipation will help us stay on track. Not just because of the goal but because of the things we will learn along the way as our Saviour leads us. These thoughts have helped us during some recently dark days with family troubles, trust funds and ill health. It is in times like these that the freedom to choose bcomes most precious. When I have chosen to keep my focus on Jesus Christ and seek his perspective the anxiety withdraws and the way forward sparkles with clarity. Sparkling like the snow crystals on the trees above. When we dedicated our flat in September we prayed that it would be a place of light. It will be if we the occupants keep choosing a heavenly perspective. We want to dwell in the light as He is in the light both here in Hastings and in Ergli. This is our prayer.

Watch this space.


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