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jims-funeral-serviceIan’s father is an identical twin and on 8 November Tom’s twin brother died in hospital. On Monday the 17th we attended the funeral in Blanford Forum, Dorset. This is a picture of Jim when he was the town crier in Blanford. I don’t know if you can see the picture clearly but Ian was surprised at the number of people who came up and said how much he looked like his Uncle Jim. We were able to meet Ian’s cousin, Jim’s son, Michael with his wife, daughter and son-in-law. The funeral was well attended, even the mayor came. Many returned to the warden assisted home where Jim used to live for a time of refreshment and remembering. It was a mad dash down on Sunday and a return trip after the events. Normally it should be about a 5 hour drive but on Sunday we got caught up in traffic halted because of a serious road accident. We had to turn around and go the long way around to get back onto the road to Blanford. The journey in the dark was ardous and about Southhampton the heavens opened and it bucketed down. So we were so glad to arrive at our B & B and amble to the pub for tea.

This dash and stress of the journey showed up big time on Tuesday when I was meant to be starting the preparation for my sermon. I went into a deep, albeit one day, depression. On Wednesday things looked brighter after a day of rest but the sermon didn’t flow until Friday and then on Saturday it became a battle again. The good news is that it seemed well received with one lady grabbing me in a big hug with tears telling how it had touched her. Now it is a new week and another sermon to prepare. It is the first Sunday of Advent and I am leading and preaching at our sister church, St. Ethelburgas. I know many preachers keep their sermons to re-use but I can’t do that. I usually enjoy the preparation and looking deep into the scripture text, spending time worshipping my way into the sermon.

Now about that snow! No, this is not S.E. England but snowy Latvia. Our friend Kim took this picture on the way to a church service. This is what we have to look forward to next year.

snowy-fir-treesIsn’t it lovely and Christmasy. I love it when the creator paints in white. He does all things well. But what are the practicalities of the white stuff?                             

                                                        oskalna-flatThis is a picture of the entryway door into the building of our flat in Latvia. Our friend Joanna took this picture. Do you see the shovelled path? We will be on a rota to do this when we move in. The windows to the right are our kitchen and bedroom. This is some serious snow, apparently unusual for this much in November. What will January bring when our furniture makes the trek from England to Latvia?

Time to get back to the sermon preparation. Watch this space.


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