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A hopeful Obama

I won’t speak about my personal choice except to say I have conservative tendencies. Today Barack Obama was voted in as the next President of the United States of America. His tag line is ‘Change.’ Here in the U.K. there is great hope that Obama will be the instrument of change. At the moment America has a horrible reputation in Europe and certainly within the U.K. so yes, change would be good.

Obama’s personal history reveals many experiences that qualify him to be an agent of change in the world arena. His own family is a palette of several differing backgrounds both racially and socially. He has been involved in redevelopment within inner city areas, he has overcome huge barriers in his journey to this current place and he has inspired people world-wide to grab for hope. The media is waiting to triumph over the first crack in Mr. Obama’s personal dish of hope. I am not, and intend being faithful to pray for him and his lovely family. On another blog I refered to the possibility that as he carries this ‘burden’ of hope for the world, it could bring him to his knees in surrender to the only One who can sustain him in this desire, to bring hope to so many.

Like many others I don’t agree with some of his professed policies but defending even Godly righteous beliefs to the point where other Godly truths are out shouted, is the way of the world, not God. God has a passion for those are oppressed and we need many good samaritans, healers, gracious, generous people to carry his grace and mercy. Our calling is to love one another as he loved us and sacrificed for us. So let us love and support Mr. Obama as he steps into this role as first, President elect and then President of the United States. Let us rejoice with him as he rejoices and weep with him when he weeps and not the reverse. This spreads light and salt, showing forth the glory of God and causing people who need Him to ask us who know him, for the hope that is within us.

Will Barack Obama fulfill the world’s hopes and dreams, no, there is only One who can bring true hope but Mr. Obama may be used by God to broker hope and peace for some. We trust God and pray for all those in authority over us. Our hope continues to come from the Lord as we are called to pray for Barack Obama.


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  1. As an American living in Portland, Oregon, I agree with my friend Kathleen in her sentiments of praying for this man and his family. I personally did not vote for Mr. Obama, but I shared the historic moment of his acceptance speech with my son, who did vote for him, and it was a powerful awareness for both of us that history truly was in the making.

    What kind of making? I share the commitment with my dear friend to pray for he and his family, the U.S. and the rest of the world as this next season unfolds. I know that God’s people prayed for this election and that God’s ways are higher than our own, and that gives me great hope.

    I wait and stand with my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, watching God pour His wisdom down upon us.

  2. Glad to know we are on the same page in praying for President-elect Obama.

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