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A life in transition. No need to adjust your screens this picture is not straight on purpose. It is meant to illustrate our lives at the moment. Yes, those are boxes packed for the move to Latvia in March (?) or January (?) Do you see what I mean. We don’t know even for certain when our stuff will be loaded up and trucked off to Latvia.

These boxes are sitting in the place where my desk used to set. We are clearing out the office to become the staging room for things either packed or waiting to be given away or sold.

When applied to chemistry the word “transition” some alternative words might be: progress, growth, lapse and flux. Now I know about progress, growth and unfortunately lapse but flux moved out of chemistry into soldering as I talked with Ian. In soldering “flux” is a  cleaning agent that prepares the surface to receive the new soldered joint. It means that the joint will hold, it becomes solid, firm and stable. So far in this transition we have seen progress: the call to Latvia.  We have seen growth: our willingness to obey and go to Latvia.  We have expereinced lapse: those moments when we are overwhelmed with it all. As for flux  we look to the Holy Spirit to keep us clean as we walk with him and we look forward to those moments of stability in the midst of unsettling transition as we trust in our solid  Rock, Jesus.

A moment of stability occured when we moved my desk from the office to the living room instead of dismantling it down to its flat pack origins.

Though the picture is still on an angle denoting transition in process, the reality of having my desk available for preparing sermons and such gives this ol’ heart great comfort. We are so aware of allowing  “flux,” the cleaning and clarifying movement of the Holy Spirit active in our lives. In those moments of overwhelming details demanding to be addressed, those moments when we are tempted to throw in the towel and just stay put are often becoming those moments when the Holy Spirit’s presence flows in and the bonding stabilizes our perspective. Our prayers have been centered on our response to his call, “here we are, send us.” We are asking him to send us, to find a moving company with reasonable rates, to sell our flat in a huge moment of grace to all concerned. On a daily basis for health and strength to continue paring down, giving away and some selling of items along with packing.

Now today I have acquired a “gift” of a chesty virus, or so it seems, my body only wants sleep. I am trying to give it what it needs. While also today 2 more printers went out the door to a good home. So on we move embracing progress, growth; accepting lapse and surrendering to flux.


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2 responses to “Transition

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  1. wow, you are maybe moving in January?

  2. The jury is still out on our actual moving date. Our things will go in January if the flat sells in December. Ian will go with the furniture or at least be in Ergli to receive it and also to work on the flat helping our dear friends who are working on it. Our hope is that I will stay to keep our promise to our current church to remain until March.


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