Rainy Days and Mondays   Leave a comment

It is raining in England, imagine that! It has been raining in our lives as well this past week. Dark clouds have hovered. When you start this process of obeying God’s call there will be testing and opportunities to trust. Circumstances crowded in and at some points we forgot the reality of God’s presence and care in this new process of going to Latvia. In one way we weren’t surprised yet there was stumbling, when grace was needed.

Issues of selling our flat and Ian’s Dad became an even stronger reality and challenge. For those who don’t know, Ian’s Dad is 96 and in a nursing home. Leaving him is one of those mountains staring us in the face. He has yearned for heaven for some time and we long for him to be at peace with his Lord. He has taken a downturn just in the past few days not unlike previous times but this one has come close upon another recent time of deterioration. Perhaps God is answering his prayer to “go home.” Though we, in one sense, are prepared yet it hard to watch. He was sick in Ian’s arms on Sunday and it was hard on Ian, though he has experience as a carer it is difficult when it is someone so close. So we hope for a peaceful release soon.

So though it is a rainy time we hold fast to God’s promises. His presence, love and care as we take each step in obedience. We will continue to choose to soar as eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint. We look forward to seeing the rainbows again in Latvia.


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