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/>Yesterday we spent some time rearranging our living room (lounge). We have rediscovered that wonderful site ‘Freecycle’ and used the site to give away a rather large fire surround and electric fire. Eventually, we will replace it but it gave a wonderful opportunity to change the furniture arrangement. Something, I have loved doing since I was a little ‘un. Meaning no disrespect but many Englsih homes (that I have lived in) are so small you have little choice in how the room is arranged. So I have had to stick my desire to rearrange in the cupboard and yesterday was a treat. It was wonderful to pull my lovely large pine and basket coffee table away from the wall where it held the stereo and put it square in front of the couch, WHERE IT BELONGS!, LOL. Though it still feels a bit crowded it has a bit of a feeling of space, we Americans love so much.
Being a person who loves most events of change something in my soul was fed in this process. Hubby on the other hand was a bit dubious but still helped the process and seems fine with the result. (He has his own basket under the coffee table for all his treasures.)
We are in a long haul process of clearing out and paring down and that is a direct instruction from God in preparation. Preparation to wait on Him for the next step. Change, for me, is most comfortable when I am aware it is coming and can participate in the proceedure. No surprises with that concept. Yet I have a growing desire to respond rather than react to all that meets me on this journey of faith, respond in faith that God is sovereign and keep Him the focus through all change that he purposes in my life. Sounds good on paper and it is good to consider and reflect apart from emotion and even pain that some changes can bring. I am being challenged lately to renew my mind and through that process to be transformed. As we live this life here on earth we pick up a lot of rubbish along the way, we are programmed by this world, our flesh and yes, the devil. In order to respond in a Godly way to change my mind needs to have 1) God’s word stored in my heart (Ps 119:11) 2) A recognition that I need to think differently seek God’s perspective on my circumstances (Is. 55:8) This is not a formula but the place God has me in my journey toward Him, coming “closer up, closer in.”

These reflections have come through just changing the furniture in the living room. It reminds me of the way Jesus taught using every day occurances to show the truths of the kingdom. Isn’t He wonderful, a mighty counselor, and Prince of Peace.


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  1. Yea Freecycle! Glad you were able to find it existed there too. 🙂

  2. Thanks Mo for reminding me of Freecycle, it worked so well. I am certain we will use it again.


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