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There was a sale today at the Hastings Lidl Shop. This was no ordinary sale but 50% off all non food items. You may not know about Lidl or Aldi stores but they are fast becoming the place of choice for good deals on all manner of household and grocrery items. As the economy slows and prices rise these shops provide a healthy alternative to the normal supermarket.

We were in the store on Friday for our normal shop and had our eyes on a few items we needed to replace in our kitchen. So we planned to be at the shop at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning when the sale began. Normally, one or the other of us is up by 6 am or 7, not this day. I didn’t wake until 5 minutes before the appointed sale hour. I woke Ian and we dressed and rushed off.

I had one particular item high on my list, a food processor. We had a very old one that Ian had scrounged from somewhere and I knew that at their sale price of £19.99 they would sell out fast. Of course when we arrived the car park was full to brimming over and we had to circle the whole lot to get a place. We both felt the pressure of the race and the hunt. Then partway to the door I remembered. I remembered I had prayed on Friday that we would be able to get the food processor, that there would be one left for us.

We entered the shop at a clip and went immediately to the kitchen appliance area and there before us were still several boxes of food processors, the slicing machine we needed and the griddle we planned to purchase. Ian was able to get his DIY support poles and a gizmo that finds pipes and electrics in walls. He had hoped to get two support poles but was happy he got the last one.

Is that the end of the story, no. Later that afternoon Ian said to me “You forgot to get the one thing you had wanted.” I gave him that blank mind look he ususally gives me. He then reminded me that I had wanted a new bathroom scale, a glass one with a blue sailboat on it, no less. So back we went and this time we looked through all the aisles and picked up a few more small items at ridiculous prices.

So that was it then? No not really. Chatting with my friend, Joanna in Latvia, I mentioned the sale and the kitchen replacement items we had bought and the low prices. She said they had been looking for a slicer but couldn’t find one. So I asked if she wanted us to get one and bring it out in September when we visit. She said yes. So with great love and pleasure and being able to help a friend, back we went to Lidl and got the needed slicer.

So that is the end of the story? Not quite. A few months ago we bought a bread maker at Lidl’s. Ian is becoming proficient at baking bread and we no longer buy bread but Ian always bakes it. During one recent baking process the little ol’ bread machine managed to work itself off the kitchen counter, fell to the tile floor and broke a hinge from its top. It still works but Ian is keen to purchase another. So he asked the manager during the second of our trips to Lidl if they had any kicking around in the warehouse. He said no but if Ian went on line to the company they would look for him throughout their stores and see if one could be located.

Once again at home Ian went online but could only find a customer help number which he rang. The young lady was less than helpful. Upon our third trip to Lidl Ian sought out the manager and told him we had not joy with customer service. On our third trip to the shop Ian again found the mangager and rreported the lack of success with the customer help number. The manager was disgruntled at this feedback, telling Ian he would report this to the Regional Manager who was present in the store that day. As we were at the check out the manager approached and said the Regional Manager would personally check their stores and warehouses for a bread machine. We wait in hope and prayers.


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  1. Looking forward to getting the slicer and being able to slice up meat to make bacon.

    If you are reading this in England be aware you have the best bacon in the world, even Danish bacon in Denmark where we lived for three years is not particularly good, it is that thin streaky stuff and not a good back bacon.

  2. Now each time we have a cooked breakfast I think of you and relish the lovely back bacon we are so privileged to have. Unfortunately, we can’t bring any in our suitcases when we come next week. Sorry.


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