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In the picture you can see our view from our ground floor flat. The building is St. Marks URC Church and Hall, we were married there. The structure just behind our Potted Garden is the air vent for the under building garage.

The most important pot is the second from the left. Miss “Just Joey” lives there. She is a hybrid tea rose, peach in colour with fluted petals and deep rich aroma. I found her one day when on a visit to my hometown, Portland, Oregon in the USA. I was strolling through the Portland Rose Test Gardens and there she was in all her glory bush upon bush of her lovely presence. When I arrived home, back in England I went to the David Austen Rose Growers site and found her listed. I promptly ordered her and she has been with me ever since. If you go to Mr. Darcy’s page you will see her next to him in a vase. Isn’t she lovely?

What of the rest of our Potted Garden? In the first pot on the left we have a deep rose coloured Geranium which we bought the first year of our marriage in 2006. She has wintered in that pot for 2 years without any special covering or being moved. In our third pot we have Miss Hydrangea in her pinkg gown. She was purchased at a Friends of Tread Garden Party also in 2006. Tread is a Christian charity working to provide help to India’s poorest, primarily health help. Our fourth pot is the newest member of our Potted Garden. She is a bush fushia we bought this spring at our local Lydl. She caught our attention as we were shopping, she was so profuse in her blooms and darling Ian said, “Go ahead, get her if you want her” and I did. She has been a blooming beauty all summer. She sits next to another fushia which shares her pot with a tulip tree. This is Miss Fushia One whom we bought also in 2006. She has also overwintered right where she sits and blesses us with bountiful blooms. Mr. Tulip tree however, has never deigned to grace us with blooms. We think he doesn’t like sharing his pot. He is destined to be planted at Chriss’ house in a warm spot with great hope for future blooms.

This is our humble Potted Garden which brings us joy and enhances the view from our flat. What you can ‘t see is our cherry tomato plants sitting on the terrace wall. Maybe I’ll post that picture here later.
We have been told that others in our building also enjoy our garden ever so humble.


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