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Winter Warmers will soon be winging their way to Ergli, Latvia. Two winters ago our friends in Ergli responded to a need they saw in the local community. There were children without socks in the cold winter and little old ladies who would go about without warm socks to comfort them against the cold. They then had the inspired thought to appeal to friends and supporters asking them to send socks, men’s warm socks, women’s warm socks and of course kiddies warm socks.

Didn’t the socks just pour in from all over the globe? We sent several packages as did our friends locally and in Germany. This year the Winter Warmers were kind of thrust upon them. Ian’s Dad, Tom at almost 96 remembered what we did two years ago and ask us to use some money from our missions account and buy some warm things for winter and send them to Latvia. So having Tom, a preacher since the age of 17, initiate this action we are now into sending Winter Warmers to Latvia with the help of a wholesaler we know. 2 packages have already been sent, the pictures shows another 8 ready to go and when we go to Latvia in September Ian’s suitcase will be filled with the rest of what Tom asked us to buy. We hope and pray that many in Latvia will be a bit warrner with scarves, gloves and more thermal socks. Anyone have some new warm hats they want to send?


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