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Alexandria Park in Hastings, England is a show piece of water, paths, planintings and natural features.
We spent a lovely afternoon there on 22 of August 2008. The sun and clouds battled for supremecy yet nary a rain drop fell, a good English summer’s day.

The lone swan glided across the its chosen pond and we wondered what happened to its mate? We were saddened by the loss and also concerned that the duck population was, with the exception of 2, also missing. We suspected that humans were responsible for the loss of the swan’s mate as the remaining swan stayed well away from the banks of the pond even when food was on offer. I wondered how often in our sorrow we hold ourselves away from our Father who wants to feed us? Sometimes we do this with our closest loved ones as well. I was glad I saw this lesson in God’s creation. I am learning to walk through His wonderland of creation with my eyes open and my heart teachable to see what He wants me to see, praising Him as I go.

We walked on to the rose garden and Ian captured this glorious girl blooming like a queen. Roses are one of my favourite flowers coming from the ROSE CITY, Portland, Oregon, as I do.
They remind me of my mother as she loved them, also.

We went just beyond the rose garden and found these beautiful blooms. What a blessing to have this park nearby to enjoy, we realized how little we allow ourselves to be blessed by time spent here. Another lesson from creation.


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