“You have inherited 40% of 45 million dollars”   Leave a comment

A Skype IM came into Ian’s computer today stating it was from a barrister in Guana and that he represented a client who had died in a Greek airline crash. This was “verified” by a link to a site detailing the crash. Wait it gets better. On the Greek site there is a list of passengers that you cannot access on which our supposed long lost relative was listed. Now the article mentioned that the people on board were primarily Greek Cypriots. Noble people but our name is not of that origin. The bulk of the information came in quite good English form, yet you could tell the writer was not a native English speaker. When we responded that we didn’t believe the information, the truth of the person’s command of English came through and we used the word “scam” in response. He tried one more feeble response and we came back listing the inconsisties and repeated our verdict of scam. Incidently, he was going to take 60% of the $45 M for all his hard work, he just wanted our phone number to phone the details through to us and get our details, right we would give them over the phone to a stranger. We didn’t deign to answer that with even a refusal.

I shudder to think how many vulnerable people will fall for this and the scam will prevail. Yes, I know Ian needs to set his filters so that this sort of rubbish doesn’t come through. Afterward we had a bit of a laugh, did the enemy send it along as we had been praying in finance, to meet some upcoming needs, earlier that morning?

We reminded each other that Jehova Jireh was our provider and that our trust was in Him alone. We are not in any desperate need but we want to lay everything before Him so that we gain His wisdom and timing in taking care of items that lay ahead for us. How the enemy of our souls loves to scam us into thinking if we try hard enough we will find a way to do things in our own strength and wisdom.

It will make a good illustration for a sermon one day. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy.


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