Prayer and warfare   1 comment

Clouds of Glory

Clouds of Glory

Do you sometimes long for a telegram from God with 1,2,3 instructions? This is one of those times. I go into battle this morning in a very public way, leading intercessions in the service this morning and confronting a situation of deception. I believe God gave me the words but my knees are knocking at the prospect of what airing this situation may evoke. As an American living in English culture I am often frustrated with the false politeness that holds sway here. No culture is totally healthy but the propensity to keep things under wrap as a way of life creates a false economy of relationships, regardless of the culture.

So I go to share this morning what, I believe, God has laid on my heart. If possible I will share the results a little later. I will be starting the intercessions with Psalm 33:20-22. Lord of mercy make a way where there seems to be no way is my prayer for this morning’s service.

We have returned and God was present with us throughout the service. Several people commented very positively about the Intercessions and one person even gave a few hearty “Amens” at various key points. It is so good to obey when the Lord gives a hard task, he pours out His blessing. There was a theme of oneness, repentance, revival running throughout the whole morning. May Jesus’ name be praised.

An Update: The church had decided to take action with those who are deceived. We pray God’s mercy upon us as we are obedient to His call. May sacrificial love be central as we walk in light and truth.


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  1. Wahoo! Good to hear Dad was present and active! Always a blessing to hear how He is working in and through your life. Blessings friend! Kim

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